This songbird from the Crescent City is spreading her wings and flying high with her breakout single, #IAmFree. It is becoming an international dancefloor anthem with GUENA LG hypnotic track marrying Nicole Slack Jones soul stirring vocals with its inspirational message encouraging people to embrace their true selves. 

It takes a lot of courage it takes a lot of strength to be free, break out of the chains I am free,” Miss Slack Jones wrote in her song. Speaking passionately about her breakout song and its impact she says, “I want people to feel like they can be free to be who they are without hiding. Having close friends and just listening to their stories of feeling bound and restricted made me want to sing about it”.

As a person who is living without boundaries and do not want to be boxed in she says,

When you allow others to put you in a box you can’t live your best life. Oftentimes people suffer in silence because they are afraid to be judged or looked down upon.  Who are we to judge we are all walking this journey called life. No one is perfect and most of all. It’s all about respect for all. We must respect everyone’s gender and sexual preference. We must respect everyone’s race, ethnic background and religion”. 


In Slack Jones words it’s all about love and happiness. 

I just want to make music that touches people’s soul and I thought this song could help people have the courage to be break free and realize that you can do and be whatever you want to be if you put your mind to it and live your truth”.


 After "GUENA LG PRESENTS NICOLE SLACK JONES - I AM FREE" release, many talented DJ/Producers were trilled to remix their own versions. Special thanks to Yinon Yahel, Bruno Knauer, Thiago, Johnny Goldstein, 

Ahmed Fofana & Mico C - Fun Radio



by Yinon Yahel, Bruno Knauer & Thiago


by Johnny Goldstein, Mico C - Fun Radio & Ahmed Fofana



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