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1st place in my school’s talent show

1994 where I won 1st place In my school’s talent show. I remember this day so well...I didn’t have music or a track to sing to. All the others in the competition had their little hooks and some tracks to sing to 😩😩I was hesitant. But there was something that said even if you got do it without music you just do it. I followed my intuition and went for it. I had no clue that I would win at all and I came in 1st place. I’m not bragging and I say this as humbly as I can. I had a dream then and I still have a dream in 2018. You see, I didn’t just wake up over night and say hmmmmm I want to sing. I’ve been at this for a long time. What am I saying ? When you are born with a gift you have to know that no matter what you gotta keep going. You’ve got to realize that your gift does not belong to you. It’s for others. As long as I live I will humbly share my gift with the world. I love making people happy. And most of all I love sharing my gift. Never give up on your visions and dreams. God 1st

- Nicole Slack Jones

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