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Next chapter is arriving... #fromthechurchtotheclubs

Well, I done already told you guys" I AM FREE". Next chapter is arriving soon... It's time to get ready to let your hair down and take your wigs off if you want. 💃💃💃

Hey, I'm just here to have a lot of fun. Life is about being happy and living your life to the fullest. I'm not in a box. I done threw the box away...

With all due respect and humility, I will never forget where I come from. God is everything to me and if you didn't know now you know. It's not because my record is not Gospel that God ain't working in my favor. I will tell anyone I know about God's goodness and grace. I will also tell them that God had smiled on me and he is set me free. Never allow anyone to put you in a box because they are stuck. One of my favorite Artist of All times the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin sang Amazing grace and then she sang Dr. Feel good and RESPECT. Get it ? So. Don't come for me ... Hmmmmm Didn't mean that she strayed away from her roots. She found that she was able to be used in many places" besides the church" I will in no way ever put the church down because I respect God indeed. There are people who will forever have need of the church and that's for sure. There is for fact still great Pastors and teachers who are helping to save people from many things. We will always need the church and it will always be apart of my life. I am on the road to my journey...

I love music and all of you guys ! I hope you will enjoy what I am bringing.

Stay blessed and kind people.

Now I'm going back to my water aerobics 😜😝😝😝🙃🤸🏊



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